Pè Pè

Founded in Italy during 1970's, Pepe remains a family business now under the direction of Dario Pizzetti and Paola Mazzucco. Years of family effort and dedication go hand in hand with the trandition of genuine Italian leather crafts that have made this brand stand out as a guarantee for delicious, fashionable first class leather footwear that perfectly fits the feets of the little ones. Its delicate designs in stylish colours are carefully crafted in the finest and softest leather qualities and are as elegant and stylish as you can expect from a top of the list Italian design team. Enjoy our selection, exclusively made for Little Catwalk!

Model: PP-130003
Navy leather sandal
Model: PP-130002
Golden leather sandal
Model: PP-130001
White leather sandal
Model: PP-120016
Boys fashion leather trainer PU velcro
Model: PP-120015
Boys fashion leather trainer PU velcro
Model: PP-120014
Sparkle pink leather soft sole baby shoes
Model: PP-120013
White leather soft sole baby shoes
Model: PP-120012
Metal satin leather soft sole baby shoes with red ribbon
Model: PP-120008
Ostrich printed sandal
Model: PP-120007
Hot pink shoes
Model: PP-120005
Nubuck shoes
Model: PP-120004
Glitter sandal
Model: PP-120003
Purple butterfly sandal
Model: PP-120002
Leather sandal
Model: PP-120001
Snake printed sandal